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Do hair extensions cause hair loss? We Tell You

The hair loss in women can sometimes be operated from prolonged use of extensions, as both the weight thereof as the products are used for attachment can damage the health of the scalp. The weight, the glues and the poor conservation of the extensions are factors that in sum, can cause a deterioration in the strength of our hair. Fortunately, following some recommendations you can avoid hair extensions cause hair loss by strengthening and taking care of your hair in a preventive way.

Types of hair extensions

Temporary extensions

Fixation by chip: They are those that are fixed by hairpins, combs or clips. These are literally hooked on natural hair to provide volume and length. They are the least harmful, since the chemicals are not in direct contact with the scalp. Fixation by invisible thread: These extensions are hooked on the natural hair by a thread, as if it were a headband or a hair band.

hair extensions

Permanent extensions

Adhesives: These extensions literally stick to natural hair. In this case, the chemical is in direct contact with the hair, so its excessive use can be harmful. Stitched curtain: This type is one of the most common. These extensions are sewn to a skin-colored fabric and are sewn on natural hair, so they are completely fixed and their harmful impact is less. Keratin: These are more common in younger girls and boys or people who just want to add some color to their hair. They are individual strands that attach to natural hair through the use of heat. Staple: These types of extensions are attached to the hair by means of staples or rings that are crushed with pliers and attached to the hair. It is basically the same case as the previous one, but cold.

What damage can the extensions in your hair cause?

As it is being said before, there are different types of hair extensions and their impact on the scalp is different depending on the type of hair and the use that is given to them. You can do clip in extensions bring hair loss lesser than permanent one. If they are not being removed and put on correctly, your scalp will suffer the consequences. To prevent this from happening, you can go to professionals to put on and remove the extensions correctly. In case the damage is already done, it is advisable to go to a specialized hair clinic.

Types of treatments for hair loss in women

Prp treatment

This PRP treatment consists of the stimulation of hair growth by means of plasma platelets that are extracted from the patient’s own blood. As in hair alopecia the hair follicle is maintained, this treatment is one of the most effective.

Hair mesotherapy

This treatment of falling out hair because of extensions involves revitalizing follicles and blood circulation. With this, hair loss is slowed and growth is stimulated. Micro injections of peptides and growth factors that regenerate the follicle are performed