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Does chamomile tea help clear acne? We Answer

Chamomile, also known as chamomile, is a plant that belongs to the family of compounds and is native to some regions of Asia Minor. Chamomile is an aromatic herb that has traditionally been used in the form of infusion for its medicinal properties, especially to naturally treat both digestive problems and to reduce insomnia. However, this plant is becoming increasingly popular in the world of beauty, as its properties make it an excellent natural remedy for healthy skin. Among its uses for the skin, chamomile stands out as an excellent treatment to reduce some impurities of the face such as acne and excess fat. That is why it is been shown you how to use chamomile tea for acne and look like a perfect complexion. Keep reading about chamomile tea compress for pimples!

How to use chamomile tea to treat acne step by step

Now that you know the benefits and properties of this wonderful plant for the skin, below we will explain how chamomile tea helps clear acne, although you can also apply it to other parts of the body where you have this problem. To do this, you will need the following ingredients and follow these guidelines:


  • 4 bags of chamomile
  • 1 cup of water
  • Cotton discs

Preparation and treatment

Take a saucepan and add a cup of water. Bring it to a boil in the fire until half of the water you had added remains in the saucepan. When half of the water has been consumed, add the 4 bags of chamomile to the saucepan with the boiled water. Turn off the heat and let the sachets rest in the water for 30 minutes with the saucepan covered. clear acne   Once the time has passed, strain the drink into a bowl or bowl and store it in the fridge for approximately 15 minutes to cool. You will have chamomile tea ready to treat acne. With a completely clean and dry face, apply the cotton discs dipped in chamomile tea over the areas where granites are present and let them rest on the face for half an hour. Finally, remove the cotton discs that you had on your face and remove the chamomile remains with plenty of warm water. If you want to read more articles similar to how chamomile tea scramble with acne – very effective remedy, it is recommended that you enter this category of Beauty and Personal Care.